Considering a Tesla purchase?

That’s a great idea ! I’ve personally bought several Teslas, and would highly recommend it! But don’t just take my word for it… In Bloomberg’s comprehensive survey of 5,000 Model 3 owners published in November, 2019, an Amazing 99% of the respondents indicated they’d recommend Model 3 to family and friends; and 98% said Model 3 exceeded their expectations, and that they’d buy it again. Perhaps the following very apt analogy will help you appreciate why . . . Do you remember when you switched from a flip phone to a smart phone? Sure, it was somewhat different, took a bit of getting used to. After a couple of weeks, a couple of months though, you’d acclimated to- even spoiled by- the inherently superior technology and most likely would never go back! Right? THAT’s how most Tesla owners feel about their amazing electric vehicles as well. Please feel free to give me a ring to discuss any questions you may have, and/or follow this link when ready to place your order: