So, What Energizes You?


Cybrtrk’s utility will be in a league of its own with on-board 110 volt power, 220 volt power, AND air compressor – all standard. The bed features L-track rail and T-slot tracks for a simple and extremely customizable system to secure cargo. Cybrtrk also offers 100 cubic feet of lockable exterior storage with retractable solar panel over the bed, a huge front trunk and more. Lastly, imagine the impactful statement you’ll make with your business name on the side of a Cybrtrk!


As is the case with other Tesla vehicles, the total cost of ownership of a Cybrtrk will be substantially lower than comparable internal combustion vehicles. Consider the fuel savings (likely 80% or more), maintenance savings (80% or more), lower insurance costs, and much higher projected resale value. Then add the value of dramatically better specs/capabilities and standard full self-driving hardware, and Cybrtrk’s value proposition is a no brainer!


The $70k tri-motor performance version of the Cybrtrk will exhilarate with smooth, silent acceleration from 0-60 in under 3 seconds – comparable to Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Even the $50k dual-motor truck (the version available for rent) is quicker than many sports cars at 4.5 seconds 0-60, and promises to handle like a sports car as well! Pretty amazing for such a large, eminently-utilitarian pick-up truck.


All Teslas produced since late 2016 have all the hardware for full self-driving, and Tesla’s software has continued to yield dramatic advances in autonomous driving capability since. By the time the first Cybrtrks are delivered late next year, they should be able to autonomously drive from point A to point B with no (or only minimal) intervention- in a manner statistically much safer than a human driving without the benefit of Autopilot!


Even the best gas truck’s all-wheel drive systems are still… analog – employing a a series of mechanical linkages to transfer power from the gas engine up front, to power the rear wheels. All electric AWD is inherently different. The electric motors on each axle, each adjust torque a thousand times per second. With virtually instantaneous, continuous, digital response; Teslas perform Much better in the snow (or any other condition) than a gas car physically can. Couple that with adaptive air suspension and ground clearance of up to 16 inches, and Cybrtrk will offer unparaled all-wheel/off-road capability.


Like all Teslas, Cybrtrk is 100% electric- no tailpipe, no emissions. While there are emissions associated with the production of electricity, they represent only a modest percentage (in the 15-20% range) of the emissions from a comparable full-size pick up’s tailpipe– And the grid is getting cleaner every year. Better yet, solar installed at your home would result in zero net emissions, and would likely actually cost less over time than paying your electric utility!